Village History

Old Church - bombed in World War IIThere are several websites which contain information on the history of Little Chart and surrounding area.

Some of these are detailed below, if you are aware of other interesting sites please contact us so they can be added to this page for the benefit of other viewers.


Kent Archaelogical Society

Lost Dens of Little Chart

Pluckley Village History


The old church featured in the picture above is now maintained by Ashford Borough Council as a tourist site – having been bombed by a doodlebug in the 2nd World War.

If residents would like to know more about the history of our village there is a Village Album, which gives an illustrated record of some of the village history and previous inhabitants of the village.  The Album should be available for residents to borrow; please enquire locally.  

There is also an interpretation board in the Community Garden, which covers some aspects of village history.